Heroe​s Of ​Northwest Region

"We hope to bring peace and justice to the weak.

We open our eyes, for truth is what we seek.

We never give up, we stand and we fight.

We remember our purpose, to always do right!!"

-Team HONR Oath


About Team HONR

We are a team of real life superheroes doing what we can to help others and promote a safer community for all. Our current members are: Justin Service and Khimera. Even though Justin Service is considered a leader for his seniority and contribution, we have no ranking system and there are no "sidekicks". We are all equals on this team. If you or someone you know wants to join, we are always happy to accept people who are serious about helping others and willing to be part of a team. No super suit required, but if you do use one, just make sure it is appropriate enough, safe enough, and practical enough.