Heroe​s Of ​Northwest Region

"We hope to bring peace and justice to the weak.

We open our eyes, for truth is what we seek.

We never give up, we stand and we fight.

We remember our purpose, to always do right!!"

-Team HONR Oath


RLSH (Real Life Superheroes) and what we do

An RLSH is one that has developed a superhero persona of their own creation that isn’t part of any canon of comic-books. We are our own creations, yet with a nod to the inspiration we get from comic-books.

The costume is intended to either be intimidating or inspiring depending upon what your purpose is. Some wear the mask to keep their personal lives private and some wear it to continue with the iconic imagery that the comic-book superhero has.

Our services

Homeless Outreach

We deliver supplies such as food, water, clothing, blankets, etc. to homeless people in various cities of the northwest.

Neighborhood Safety Patrols

We act as a mobile neighborhood watch and a visual deterrent against crime. We work towards deescalation of violence and the safety of all citizens.

Public Awareness

We work with many others to provide awareness of city services, on the street news, charities, and crimes in the area.


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Helping Others

We are dedicated to providing people in need with goods and services. Absolutely free of charge. But donations help very much and are most appreciated. Whenever someone donates, we post pictures and video of what the donation was used on and give a big thank you to the donor unless they wish to remain anonymous. Donations do not go to our personal travel costs or gas money or anything else, but on socks, gloves, coats, blankets, food, water, and hygiene supplies for the homeless. We prefer to pay travel costs on our own because we can easily afford it, but outreach supplies are often difficult to come by in large quantities and we appreciate anyone willing to help. It isn't necessary though, because we will always find a way to help, no matter what.

Becoming a Superh​ero

A Real Life Superhero (RLSH) is someone who adopts a superhero identity

in order to serve their community or a cause they believe in.

Some RLSH do neighborhood watch patrols. Some do outreach to the

homeless, hungry, sick, and others who could benefit from a helping hand.

Some are advocates for causes like ecological protection and social justice.

All of them take action on a regular basis in order to help those around them.

Each RLSH creates their own unique superhero identity. They may use this

identity to inspire themselves and others, to draw attention to the important

causes that they support, or simply to make community work more fun.

This guide offers a method you can use to create your superhero identity.

Develop your superhero Costume, Qualities, and Quest in any order you like.

Once you've figured out all three elements of your new superhero identity,

you're ready to be a superhero!


Your RLSH Costume is an expression of your heroic Qualities and Quest.

Wearing your costume focuses your attention on who you are and what you do.

Many RLSH also use the Costume to draw attention to the work that they do

and inspire others to join in the Quest, with or without a Costume.

You can design your Costume however you like. It can be as whimsical or

serious as you want. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

• Pick two or three colors that you feel capture the spirit of your RLSH

identity. Even if you want to focus on just one color, it's usually a good

idea to have at least one or two accents in a different color.

• Pick an overall stylistic theme or genre for the Costume. Are you a

classic superhero with brightly colored spandex? Is your theme fantasy,

steampunk, cyberpunk, earthy, film noir, etc.?

• Consider the symbolic, aesthetic, and practical aspects of the Costume.

Do you have your own symbol or logo? Do the colors go well together

and inspire the right mood or impression you want to create? Do you

have a place to put your keys/phone? Will you be too hot, or too cold,

or have obstructed visibility or mobility? If you wear a cape, have you

made sure it won't choke you when it gets caught in something?

• If your budget is tight, start small and simple. The important thing is to

cultivate your Qualities and fulfill your Quest. You can improve your

costume bit by bit over time. A custom T-shirt or simply clothes of a

certain color can be enough to get you started.


Your new RLSH identity is a larger than life character who will inspire you

and those around you to do good in the world. What are the Qualities of this

character? Developing a set of Qualities that define you as a superhero will

bring out the best in you and prepare you to fulfill your Quest. You can either

develop a public statement about your Qualities or simply write about them

in a private journal.

Here are some questions that may help you to clarify your Qualities:

• Are there heroes who inspire you? These can be people you know,

celebrities, historical figures, or even fictional characters. Your RLSH

identity should be something new rather than an imitation of someone

else, but sometimes it helps to look at your inspirations.

• Are you inspired by a particular philosophy, activist movement,

religious or spiritual tradition, etc.?

• Is there a particular archetype that appeals to you? Archetypes are broad

character types: artist, musician, worker, rebel, scientist, healer,

defender, philosopher, trickster, or even party animal!

• What are your super powers? You may not fly, have super strength, etc.,

but you do have other skills and abilities that will come in handy as you

fulfill your Quest. Are you smart? Strong? Fast? Courageous?

Empathic? Honest? Do you have good computer skills? Play musical

instruments? Have first aid training? The possibilities are endless.

• What's your origin story? How does your real life past serve as a source

of your Qualities and an inspiration for your Quest?

The more personal, particular, and genuine that your Qualities are, the more

powerful they will be. As you fulfill your Quest, these Qualities may change

over time, but these questions will help you get started on the journey.


What is your Quest? This is the most important question to consider when

developing your RLSH identity. Designing your own Costume can be fun,

and thinking about your Qualities can be a great path toward personal

growth, but having a real Quest that has a real impact on the real world is

what makes you a Real Life Superhero. You can either develop a public

statement about your Quest or simply write about it in a private journal.

Here are some questions to consider when defining your Quest:

• What inspires you to action? Your Quest shouldn't be a chore or burden

that you do out of a sense of guilt, obligation, anger, or fear. It should

be a passion that you feel inspired to do — and hopefully enjoy doing!

• How does your Quest help others? Not everyone chooses to focus on

public service work. You can use all of the other tips in this guide to

develop a character for personal enrichment. But if you call yourself an

RLSH, there should be some concrete way that your Quest helps others.

• What specific actions will you take to fulfill your Quest? Even if your

Quest is very broad, come up with a list of specific types of action you

will take to fulfill your Quest.

• Who are your allies? These can be friends, family, loved ones, and other

people in your community who support you or share a similar mission.

• Are you ready? Many forms of helping, especially neighborhood watch,

require special knowledge and skills to be done properly. Be sure to talk

to other RLSH for advice. If there are none locally, find them online.

Being an RLSH is very fun on a good day, but it's also very serious business.

You will be setting goals and putting time and energy into achieving them. Be

sure that Quest is something you can actually do — and have fun doing it!

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